Shoden - Reiki Level 1 Workshop

Shoden Reiki (Level 1) is for self-healing and well-being, and self development. Reiki is a gentle non invasive therapy that is deeply relaxing! It helps to restore and balance  the Ki (Energy) required for mind and body to work in harmony bringing optimum conditions for health. 

 Zen Reiki courses are held in  a relaxed and friendly environment and enable individuals to receive the required attention plus use of the therapy room to enable the opportunity to practice and build confidence to continue your journey after the course.

*This is an opportunity to book and  purchase a 'Zen Reiki' workshop at a reduced rate*

Full one day courses (Occasional Thursdays)

£85 ppn - Inclusive of manual and certificate.

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. This course will enable you to start on your Reiki journey of self development via Japanese energy cultivation techniques & meditations, self healing and enable you to practice on friends and family.

Full days tuition and practice with Manual and Certificate below information for course detail and content. contact Sue Via Zen Reiki for further information or check your diary andsee below to book.


Shoden - Reiki 1 Workshop (Full Day)

This course will cover the following:

Start the day with the Zen Reiki ‘Tea for Tao’ with an introduction to ’Reiki’ (Rei & Ki)

The history of Reiki & The 5 Precepts.

Reiju (Japanese blessing) This cleanses negative energy and clears blockages in your upper energy centres enabling energy to flow more freely.

Techniques, including Kenyoku Ho (Dry bathing) & Joshin Kokyu Ho (Focused breathing meditation).

Joshin Kokyu Ho practice during which:

1st Shoden Level 1 ritual (Attunement) is carried out.

Self treatment/healing (A daily practice).

A short lunch break.

Meditation following into:

2nd Shoden - Level 1 ritual (attunement).

Learn a little more about your main energy centres - The three diamonds & an exercise  in ‘connecting the three diamonds‘.

3rd attunement.

More on energy centres with an intro to the 7 major Chakras

4th attunement

Healing others / pets / Other uses & how to start and complete a Reiki session.

Practice healing others.

Code of Ethics: Principles and etiquette to observe when offering healing 

Certification and Lineage:

Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the course
a manual is provided for your use during and after the course
your Usui Reiki lineage is also provided.

Following your course You are welcome to contact me to ask questions that arise (or just to update me on your progress).

Light refreshments are provided. Please feel free to bring a packed lunch for your mid day break.