'Everything is a Vibration' - Albert Einstein.

Was Einstein an 'Old soul' remembering knowledge from our past... or way ahead of his time, knowing things we have yet to trully 'Relearn'?

Either way - He was not wrong!  Aum is the sound of the universe.. sound is vibration. Everything we see (And everything we don't) vibrates. The form it takes is dependent on its vibrational frequency.  

Take the Nada (sound) AUM...  Here we have the 'core' sounds, the sounds from which all others are made. Like primary colours - from three colours all others can be made (And three colours of light together produce white)...  But like noise, colour is too just an illusion as colour is again,  just a vibration, the difference is created by the differing frequencies... so like the colour of light, sound is created by three core values of vibration from which all others are created.  

Aum is the sound of the universe and it (these three sounds - A   U   M) without use of the tounge can be created.  Like colour when merged together A U M become Aum. 

Vibration is sound....sound is vibration.   Watch anything vibrate and as you know it creates movement...  it can draw particles together to create the things we percieve as physical entities...  They are all a collection of vibrating particles - the level of energy, the frequency is what creates the shape and its density.  So there are things we can see (us, the trees the grass the clouds, light etc).... and things we cant (air, energy, magnetic fields etc) ...  All are present but only some are visible to us.

Now we start to see that we have always understood, yet not known...