Booking Agreement

For those booked and wishing to book, here are the terms & conditions should you wish to refer to them at any time
  The booking form when completed shows all the below terms which you agree to by submitting the form for booking and / or by making your payment you are agreeing to all the below terms and conditions.  When booking a copy of the  top portion of the form is sent and shows your details and requirements as entered... it does not add all the below, so this is here for you to access at any time.

The doors will be open from 8.00am for set up.

Please ensure you are set up by 09.45 am in readiness for doors to open at 10.00am Packing up is not to commence prior to close of event as it effects the energy and ambiance of the room/s for all other stallholders. .

Please remember if electricity is required, mark the box above. Please bring your own extension lead.

Please read the following carefully prior to signing. We are all responsible for our part in committing to a safe and enjoyable event:

No smoking is permitted in any part of the Building.

No naked flame to be brought into or lit therein.

No materials or equipment shall be fixed to any part of the building or to the fitting or furniture unless agreed in advance in writing.

No animals, except for guide dogs or other assistance dogs, are permitted in any part of the Building.

Any equipment (Other than New items for retail) brought into the shall be safe, in good working order and, in the case of all electrical equipment for use, PAT tested.

It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to be aware of all current legislation and change in legislation that affects their activities & to comply with such legislation.

Whilst the Organiser has taken every precaution to ensure a safe & secure environment for the Events it is the responsibility of each stand holder to make sure that they have their own insurance to cover their goods & services as required by law. No responsibility will be accepted by the Organisers for claims made against any products, services or treatments or for any loss or damage to exhibitors stock or equipment.

At conclusion of event equipment/rooms used to be left in the same condition as at outset.

Please note that in order to create an exhibition that has a balance of traders, skills etc & in the essence of 'fair opportunity' for all, I reserve the right to withdraw products or services that have not been listed at booking stage or agreed upon (should it be deemed necessary) so please ensure you indicate your product/skill set that you will be promoting to ensure I have the opportunity to arrange this. Thank you.

Any  requests such as Electricity,  Upstairs/downstairs rooms/particular space etc will be fairly considered - and where possible agreed in principle... however I can make NO guarantees and things do on occasion need last minute alteration to ensure smooth running of event/s.  Please keep this in mind to ensure smooth running of these and all events and please take into account I have 30 40 or even 50 or more people likely to be asking me the same.  I do always consider everyone and do my level best to assure a position that suits their trade/offering plus balance for all.  venue very carefully prior to booking to aim for an event all traders will hopefully enjoy the day. 

Please also remember that once the stand has been paid for, the stand fees are non-refundable.

Please remember to keep a copy for your records.

***Completion of booking forms and or payment for event  counts as a signature of approval of all the above conditions***.

Venues and advertising are paid for well in advance of an event, at considerable cost. Commitment needs to follow through by all the exhibitors, to help ensure that a wide and interesting variety of skill and trades (some of which are limited) are offered. Once stands are reserved other exhibitors may be turned away reducing significantly the opportunity to reallocate the stand, should a cancellation occur.

With a positive team effort there will be an exhibition that can be enjoyed by all. I look forward to working with you.

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